New England Forestry Consultants, Inc.

Shaping Your Legacy

Shaping Your Legacy

New England Forestry Consultants, Incorporated (NEFCo) manages over 400,000 acres across New England and eastern New York.

NEFCo uses sophisticated technologies that enhance our core services providing cost-effective and efficient management.

Spring 2014 - Volume 15, No. 1

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Back in 2002, NEFCo made the decision to become an FSC® Certified Resource Manager.  This essentially allows private landowners to join NEFCo’s FSC® green certification pool at a significantly lower cost than would be incurred if being individually certified.

NEFCo is subject to an annual third party audit to insure that the green certified properties are being managed in a sustainable manner and in accordance with FSC® standards.  At the time of the 2014 third party audit, NEFCo will have more than 40,000 acres of land in their green certification pool.

If you would like more information about green certifying your land, please contact your nearest NEFCo forester.

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