New England Forestry Consultants, Inc.

Shaping Your Legacy

Shaping Your Legacy

New England Forestry Consultants, Incorporated (NEFCo) manages over 400,000 acres across New England and eastern New York.

NEFCo uses sophisticated technologies that enhance our core services providing cost-effective and efficient management.

About NEFCo


Today, New England Forestry Consultants, Inc. is wholly owned by its forestry professionals. We maintain close ties with the Foundation by providing services on their 20,000 acres of Memorial Forests, and promoting the mission of responsible, long-term, forest management. Our foresters work from local offices throughout the northeast. We provide services which are personalized to meet the needs of the individual client. Our company structure provides a broad network of professional support, continuity of service and efficient administration.

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Contact NEFCo

New England Forestry Consultants, Inc.
70 Overlook Drive
Bristol, NH  03222

Phone: (866) 609-6332

E-Mail: General Information


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